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Case and Point- Heavy Trucks Speeding Post
Dec 13, 2005 14:04 ETBack | Print Article
As I write this at 4:46pm on Tuesday December 13 2005 the police helicopter is cirlcing my area. Specifically the intersection at Enfield Rd and Durham Rd 3 (8 Concession) less than 1 km away from me. There is a major accident involving 2 cars. Abulances and Firetrucks are on the scene with a slew of police cars. Motorists are being turned away and being told to turn around and find another route.

As I wrote in my "Heavy Trucks Speeding Out of Control" post, this is a perfect example of what is happening here on my road. People speed along this road all the time. They find it hard to stop at stop signs. They speed past our house in cars and trucks and big 18 wheelers. By the time they hit the intersection an accident is already brewing. I know my post went to the appropriate individuals responsible for my area's traffic concerns but is it not ironic that a short week after I posted my concern that we have a major accident involving injuries right where I said the problem was? Maybe this will now instill some radar and some appropriate survailance of the traffic on my road and area. We the residents of this area do not want death and carnage on our doorstep. I hope that by me writing this it will serve as case and point to my previous post that this area needs attention to speeding and wreckless endangerment by motorists.