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From September to June students crossing Dundas Street just one traffic light east of Thickson have spotted vehicles running red lights and speeding in both directions on Dundas. Infact, some have had close calls of being hit. My children are off to Anderson high school once again for another year with their friends and I cautioned them of this.
Also, did you notice that Kendalwood Drive going from Dundas Street to Burns in Whitby. Some drivers think this is a race track. I go down this street every day and would love to see speed bumps(calming zone placed here) as this is a school crossing (PARENTS DO LOVE THIER CHILDREN). I would love to have radar set up on this street. I would be more than happy to bring a police officer a can of pop or coffee doing this job.This will bring in revenue for the Township. Kendalwood is also very icy in the winter as it's on a hill incline. I saw a vehicle one winter loose control and ended up on the front lawn of a neighbour. The owner, a very good friend of mine, placed a large rock in front of the house as he did not want any cars landing in the living room.
I still believe" OUR COPS ARE TOPS"

Thank you for your post. Your traffic concern has been forwarded to Cst. Wannop of the Whitby Community Police Office.