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electrically charged car alarms
Aug 16, 2005 06:29 ETBack | Print Article
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Unfortunately my vehicle has been the target of break ins and vandalism 3 times over the past year. At one point the damage was so significant, 12,000.00 was paid out to repair it. I have done everything I can to avoid this except move - I don`t have that freedom currently. I have caught people still attempting to break in and have confronted them. I have recently invested in a theft derrent system called the 'Auto Taser'. This device, which is wired to the car`s battery, will send a reverse current of 25,000 volts (low amperage) through every metalic panel on the car if a window is broken or a door/trunk is forced open. The car is not charged if the sensitivity alarm is activated. Is this illegal? If so, what kind of problems should I expect if someone gets shocked while trying to bust in?

DRP is not familiar with the product mentioned and can not endorse its use. You may be open to the possibility of a lawsuit if someone is injured.