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Aug 18, 2005 08:24 ETBack | Print Article
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 City/Town:South AjaxProvince:Ontario
In the past month we have had our van broken into (my neighbour had their's stolen!) and my son's brand new bike stolen from our garage, yes it was open but we were around at the time it happened. This makes us very upset that we can't leave our belongings out on our own property without chaining them down! We live close to a school and on a Friday night and Saturday night there are MANY young people hanging around the back door, smoking, drinking and even lighting fires! The next day my husband goes to the school with a pair of gloves and a box to pick up all the smashed glass left by these people. Any chance of more police officers to partrol this area a little more frequently than they already do, which by the way I think I have seen 2 all summer long. Please help before any more damage is done!

Your concern has been forwarded to Inspector Douglass of the Ajax/Pickering Community Police Office. If you would like to send another entry identifying the school, the Inspector can increase patrols in the area.