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Crime In White Okas Court
Aug 20, 2005 13:13 ETBack | Print Article
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Everybody complains about the crime in white oaks like the drugs, the gun violence and the "thugs" hanging around the buildings, but people need to realize that those "thugs" dont want people that dont live there to go there and try to cause problems, thats how you get hurt, theres enough problems as it is.............durham police should make people leave if they dont live in the neighbourhood.......thats everybodys opinion here

Our officers in Whitby are aware of some ongoing problems in the complex area. There are people who don't live there who hang out but most times they are with friends who do live in one of the buildings. We can ask them to leave but there is no legal way to enforce our request. Every effort will be made to attend your area check on the activities of those hanging around in the area behind the buildings. The best thing you can do is when you observe any suspicious activity in and around White Oaks call the police.

Paul Carroll
Inspector Whitby CPO