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Re:Durham EMS:Jim
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Now I would like to correct you, after trying to correct me. many years ago being a Paramedic wasn't such a recognized job as it is now. Before it was an Ambulance driver, and all you needed was your standard first aid and a chauffer liscense. All that they did was go to the residence or scene, pick the patient up, and drive them to the hospital. When they came out with Paramedics, it was run by private companies who got a liscense. It was then turned over to regions. In Ontario they came out with the EMCA (Emergency Medical Care Assistant), it is an exam that is written after successful completion of 2 years of college in the Paramedic Program. They now have a 4 year program in which you get a degree in Paramedicine (2 years college, 2 years university), back when they first came out with the program it was a 1 year course, and if memory recalls properly there are some school that do it in 1 year (the crash course), but I'm not sure if they still run it. Paramedic is a much more demanding course now. Doing labs, ride outs, learning how to treat different situations.

Now, to get to the part of her being ACP. Once being hired on as a Paramedic in a region you can become an ACP (Advanced care Paramedic), the region, depending on the need, might pay for your education to become an ACP. It is another year course, in which you are tought more advanced life support techniques. Also you can pay to become an ACP after completing your 2 year education in Paramedicine.

All in all, it is now a 2-3 year course to become a Paramedic. Thank you for trying to correct me, but as you said, it was several years ago.