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Aug 23, 2005 22:11 ETBack | Print Article
Just for the record... It is a 1 year Paramedics Course to become a Paramedic; PERIOD. after that whatever you or any Joe off the street does to advance their knowlege in the desired profession is up to him or her. I would be more than happy to name off colleges and universities if needed, but to be honest i would rather see this genre of postings stopped specifically because they are ir-relevant to the nature of this web site. i have read your first posting about ambulance drives vs. paramedics; the point is across, now can we move on to something else, like gun violence and how to stop it. just to sum this up, i am a policing student. paramedics are called ambulance drivers. fire fighters (my dad for example) are called lazy and believed to sit around all day and police officers are call 'pigs' and plenty of other names... all of those respected professions and the individuals can ignore their remarks. You know what you are if you are a Paramedic. It doesnt matter what other terms are used to describe you. One more expample:

Fire Fighter a.k.a. Smoke Eater
Police Officer a.k.a. Cop & Peace Officer & Law Enforcement Officer
Paramedic a.k.a. Ambulance Driver, Medic, Life Saver

Can we please move on with this. I think I have gotten my point across.

Thank you.