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Police officers save infant's life
Aug 21, 2002 20:25 ETBack | Print Article
 Guest Name:Andre LessardEmail:  
When I read the article in the Oshawa This Week on Aug.21,2002 about the 3 constables who helped to save the life of the 3 week old baby girl who stopped breathing, i was touched by the article.

I think the 3 police officers (Cons. Tony Romano, Cons. Matt Jewel, Cons. Stephanie Meraw) plus the staff at Lakeridge Hospital (ALL MEDICAL staff) and the Ambulance drivers deserve a great hand of applause......for saving Cassandra Myers-Brown's life.

It's so nice to hear good news about Durham Police Officers in the paper. Their should be more articles written about good things they do, then all the crime stories we hear.