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Peace Bond or Restraining Order?
Aug 31, 2005 13:51 ETBack | Print Article
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First off, I just want to say that this is a great area of your website!
Secondly, I have a question. My boyfriend's ex wife is becoming a real nuisance to us in our personal life. She is making false accusations, calling ME a liar about certain things, and has now said she no longer wants me to be alone around their son. (Reasoning being, she is jealous of my strengthening relationship with their son!). I have no, zero, record whatsoever, have never done drugs, etc....I'm in my thirties, have my own son who I've never had a problem with his father, and I'm really desparate for advice here! So, could you please advise me whether we should think of getting a peace bond or restraining order against her? AND, could she actually stop me from seeing their son? (Sniff sniff). She is the custodial parent with custody. Would she need a court order for such an arrangement, or how would that work? My boyfriend and his parents/family are just sickened by the whole idea of me not being around the boy, as they feel I've been a definite assett in his life. I have not been able to sleep, as I've never, ever been made to feel like I shouldn't be around a child alone in my life! That's an accusation made to an abuser/child molester! Any advice??? Thank you kindly.

As these are civil matters, DRP would strongly suggest that you and your partner seek the advice of a solicitor.
In this case any rights to your visitation would most likely come through your partners right of access.