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Driving Complaints
Sep 01, 2005 05:48 ETBack | Print Article
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In response to the message of driving complaints, posted by another guest. I understand your concern and like any city/town, there is always agressive drivers/speeders passing through the streets. It's unfortunate there are unsafe drivers on the roads. As you file your complaints with your local police service, I am sure that they do take down the information and relay it to the Traffic units to be more agressive in those areas. The only thing, we all have to keep in mind is that, there are X numbers of officers and X number of drivers. The fact is everyone should be obeying traffic laws, there is no excuse. We have to still give credit to the police services for trying to keep up and support your local police service by giving them information like Road Watch, and they can take that information and make it useful. It is a very tough battle to win, but it's not impossible, and it won't happen overnight. For more information, you can also visit which is powered by the York Regional Police, in partnership with many police services across Ontario, including the Durham Regional Police Service, in a strong effort to reduce agressive drivers.

Safe driving, starts with you.