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Shootings in Toronto
Jan 02, 2006 20:26 ETBack | Print Article
 Guest Name:Philip D.Email:  
Well, in 2005, there were 72 murders in Toronto which is a new high. Here is my question--now that we have this high figure, where is the former head of the Toronto Police Services Board--her name is Pam McConnell.
She was the one who was instrumental in dumping Chief Fantino.
Too bad Fantino is gone--he would never let the crime go up as it has.
Also, would never walk in the Gay Pride Parade, either, unlike the present Chief, Blair..
Tis said that Fantino is running for Mayor this fall. If he does, he'll lick Miller easily for Mayor.
Toronto is a consern, as the crime seems to move east, so it would appear the Durham Region is in good hands with our present Board at the helm.
No Pam McConnells on this Board!!!!!