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blue wrist bands
Sep 05, 2005 09:24 ETBack | Print Article
I would like to know if you can still get the blue wrist bands.I live in Brampton and would like one.

The initial goal of $100,000 for the families from Mayerthorpe has been reached; however, PC Rice has decided to continue this campaign to assist other fallen officers' families. There is still a lot of interest and support from police services and civilians all across Canada.

Bracelets and letters of condolences were sent to both Andrew Pott's family (an O.P.P officer who was killed when he collided with a moose) and Steve Jones, also from the O.P.P( he is currently in the hospital and is paralyzed from the waist down). Both families will be sent financial assistance as well.

The wrist bands are $4 and can be ordered through the Durham Regional Police Association office in Whitby (905)655-5566. If you have an order of 25 or more you can e-mail the order directly to