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Sep 06, 2005 10:19 ETBack | Print Article
I have only one guestion : does the police officer has rights to insult person who asked " what did we do ?" by words as " what an idiot !" After he stopped me and my son drivong the car instead of 50km - 70km and i asked what we did, he started to yell at us , i said - dont yell at us - we are not criminals or people from the dirt, he yelled again and said if i do not stop talking - i will be arrested, " arrested for what? - i asked and so on.... I am very shoked his way talking, all this years i respected and respect the police hard working people, how it is possible to have a behavior like this? Also i told him " if it was in another country and the person who you insulting this way, the person will respond ", he said - " go to your country then, this is canada" . In canada police do whatever they want to do, because of the police uniform ? I do not think so but maybe officer said this is his right in the police uniform - to insult people for simple guestions? I am not crime person neighter my son not to ask questions, he has power - yes but it does not mean he has to see all people as a criminals and call them names ! I told him " shame on you ! ." To make story short I want to say again - i really appreciate people who protect and serve us but this officer - I am affraid to see him again .... maybe he would do something worse then insulting ? Is it mean we have no rights to ask freely what we want to ask? Is it mean we are( regular sitizens) must shut up and stay like in front of the army General ? If i am not right, please, tell me and i will shut my mouth and will think do we have freedom of speech......? With all my respect to you all.
P.S. Sorry for my grammar mistakes.

To whom it may concern:
I am the Inspector in Charge of the Whitby Division. I received your e-mail submission to our Guest Book where you make reference to having a bad experience at the hands of a police officer after being stopped for speeding. To answer your question about police officers having the right to insult someone because they wear a uniform, the answer is NO. It sounds like you may have been stopped for speeding after being detected on radar?? Subject to your decision I would appreciate knowing the officer's badge number. If you received a traffic ticket the badge number can be seen at the bottom of the ticket where he/she would have signed it. If you provide me with this information, I will ensure that the officer is spoken to regarding their behaviour. Also if you wish to provide it, I would like your name, address and phone number so I might speak to you personally.
I can be reached via e-mail a or by phoning (905) 579-1520 extension 1844.
Thank you for taking the time to bring this matter to our attention.

Paul Carroll
Inspector Whitby CPO
Durham Regional Police