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Pamela Sullivan
Nov 13, 2006 13:54 ETBack | Print Article
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Pam Sullivan was my babysitter/nanny when I was a child and it was during that time when I was 7 years old her life was taking away at the age of 21 from me, her family and friends. I remember my mum so scared when she heard the news that she rushed to the school to pick my sister and I up at Lord Durham. I lived at Falby Court and her family lived in our building that's how she become our babysitter. They were a great family. Her father was a retired police officer. She new her killer Mark Shannon as I remember him approaching us once. He used to stalk her and waited for her on her walk home from the community centre that terrible day where she held a part-time job. I still think of Pam often and to the anonymous writer that wrote in on January 23rd, 2005, I thank you for helping to keep her alive.

Editor's Note: Pamela Sullivan was just a teenager when she was murdered in 1980. Her murderer, Mark Shannon, was convicted and died in custody a few years later.

Police recognize how difficult it can be for anyone affected by a homicide. It is always a very emotional ordeal, and one that is never forgotten by those involved. Officers owe a great debt to people like yourself who provided information to police and perhaps gave testimony at trial. Most of the officers involved in the investigation of Pamela's murder have since retired, but they remember her tragic death, and always will.