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Transports following too close on the 401
Dec 01, 2006 17:58 ETBack | Print Article
Today on the 401 a transport was driving very dangerously close AGAIN. I am completely disgusted with truck drivers that are following too close on the highway. I think they should be charged with attempted murder. Myself and my children (ages 5 and 7) were on the 401 at 12:50pm today in Oshawa heading east. It was pouring, visibility was poor, the roads were flooded with water. I was going 95km/h in the middle lane. A transport approached from behind. Drove right up to my bumper and continued driving right close behind us. The driver then put their high beam lights on us and continued to drive on my tail. My whole body broke into a sweat not knowing if me and my children would survive this trip. Thankfully he finally pulled into the left lane and went around me. We must do something about these dangerous truck drivers. My sister was almost killed by a transport 2 years ago that cut her off, every time I am on the highway I see transports driving too close to myself or others. There should be OPP on the highway ticketing the transports that are dangerous.