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Speeding through School Zones
Dec 19, 2006 05:42 ETBack | Print Article
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I was driving on Michael Blvd one day about 2 weeks ago and the schools were being let out. The traffic was stopped because of a stopped and flashing school bus coming in the opposite direction, but some ignorant motorist tried to pass all of us who were patiently waiting for the school bus and the crossing guard to let us proceed. He came up on my left side, speeding, and had to jump on his brakes because he almost hit the crossing guard. So, I followed him and his female passanger around Michael Blvd up until the intersection of Jeffrey and Hwy 2, where we were stopped at a red light. I gestured to him to roll down his window and proceeded to ask him if he understood that we were all stopped because of the school bus and crossing guard? He was clearly embarrased and apologized profusely and said that he had apologized to the "man" (crossing guard). What I don't understand is how he could possibly have thought that he could pass all these stopped cars and how he missed the flashing lights and safety vest with a stop sign held up?