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Many Thanks
Dec 22, 2006 20:57 ETBack | Print Article
 Guest Name:CaroleEmail:  
Many thanks to all the police officers.
Regarding Ride Programs there great but I wish I could see them out more through out the year not just in December. I think its great that the names of drunk drivers go into the newspaper. Im tired of hearing for all ages on how they always come up with a reason why they do something that is wrong. I have a hard time understanding this one in the new drivers had book for G1 drivers it states that new G1 and G2 can not have any alchol in there system but there passenger can have either .05 or .08 in there system I thought the passenger is to help or role model for the new driver on the road. doesn't that defeat the purpose. I wish the courts or I should say the judges need to give harder life sentences for people who drink and drive and take someones life. Whats 30 days to someone or a fine. Someone who drinks and drives does not care about anyone one else but themselves. And I also believe that bystanders who watch someone get into a car after they have been drink is no better then the person who is drinking and driving.