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Recently there was an accident outside my front door... I had to call 911 for the person etc... Turns out he had been drinking.. After all the "excitement" had subsided, I was speaking to one of the police officers on scene and asked what could be done about the speeding on my street.... He told me and I quote " it wouldnt be worth our while to sit here".... I couldnt believe it... He actually said that.. I have lived on my street for 5 years now and every night /day that I sit on my front porch I can count at least 9 out of 10 cars that go past my house are doing atleast 20-30km over the speed limit and sometimes even more.. What other options do I have or how can I convince the police to set up a radar trap ??

Concerned Mother.....

You can contact DRP's non emergency number (905) 579-1520 and report the traffic concerns in your neighbourhood.