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mini-van drivers in a hurry
May 30, 2007 15:36 ETBack | Print Article
 Guest Name:michelleEmail:  
i would like to say something about alot of the mini van drivers out there please slow down i have yet to see a mini van driver who goes the speed limit, i had an incident on thickson just before conlin last week a man was riding my bumper so close and then just when you get to conlin there is another lane and he floored it around me and i could see he had kids in the car and then continued to speed i admit that i gave a jesture when he went by so when i got to the lights at winchester he pulled over, so i pulled over just to say you should'nt drive like that with your children in the car and my husband was with me but said absolutely nothing to the man, who yelled and cursed and told my husband to follow him to his house so he could drop off his kids. what was he going to do drop the kids off and the fight just because he was driving like a maniac.