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RE:MIchelle from Brooklin
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MIchelle, it sounds like you consider yourself a bit of a law enforcer. First you pulled over with a mini van after a bit of a road rage incident. First of all, this was very stupid on your part, what if this particular person was to have a gun, or a weapon of some sort, and this road rage, along with the fact that you STOPPED TO YELL AT HIM pissed him off enough that he might have not been thinking at the time. You may also have to cinsider your driving... what was the posted speed limit and what was your speed? Were you driving eratically? And if he threatened you or your husband why were the police not notified of the incident at the time, unless as I stated before, you consider yourself a bit of a law enforcer. This make me wonder more because you also posted a comment about an ATV riding around your neighborhood, granted this is illegal and shouldn't be done, but why have you not called the police while the incident was occuring??? Don't take things into your own hands, pass the information off to the police in a beter fashion than that of through a guest book, if you truly want something done about this why would you not step up to the plate and call 18 division to provide them with information, surly you found this website/guestbook, so I'm sure you will be able to find the number.