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Compassion, respect and honor
Sep 23, 2007 13:30 ETBack | Print Article
 Guest Name:Tammy
An impression was left in my heart as huge as the impression left by our friend *Bill* a resident of the bowmanville community who regrettably passed away September 21st 2007 of this year in his apartment on King St. East in Bowmanville.
Bill was recognized as the *heart* of our community and you may remember him as being the paper boy delivery on King st.
He was also a patron of our hair salon and a very dear friend to many.
The durham regional police officers that attended the scene upon Bill's death in my opinion, stepped away from the protocol and treated Bill's place of residence with dignity, respect and compassion as did they dealw ith his sister in a loving and caring way that i have not seen matched by no other in their line of duty for a very long time.
I wont mention their names but they know who they are and I will never forgetthe care and concern for Bill's sister when talking with her how much they made her feel respected, counted and at peace.
The whole time they were there, it was if sitting with family and they moved gently g through the partment, careful not to upset anything and treated his possessions that may not have menat a lot to most people, but meant a lot to Bill, his family and myself included. You would have thought these two officers were sent from heaven, angels on the call of duty.
I thank you again for the reminder to us all, that compassion goes along with the badge as well as courage. The strength you carried in your heart taht day aas an officer, also came from the fact you are a real human being with respect for all citizens no what their situation.