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Brandon Saville
Dec 18, 2007 21:33 ETBack | Print Article
Letter from Brandon Baby of the family
I guess its true, but i didn't mind the slightest bit, because mom i had you. you always made the time for me, you made me feel unique. You let me know i mattered and you'd listen when i'd speak I learned from you to make the time for others when i can, the way you always did for me from when my life began. Your love must know no limits, for it seems it's always thereand you have an understanding heart thats compforting and rare. So growing up the youngest wasn't very hard to do, because you were my mother... and i grew up loving you.
Mom i wish i could let you know I'm with you at all times of the day.
Mom i saw you looking at my picture today: and with trmbling lips i heard you pray.
I heard you ask god to pray for your boy, Being how i still was young and how i brought you joy.
I was with you as you asked to see me just once more.
So i wish you could see mom, i was standing at the door and as you turned away, i heard you softly say Lord you took my boy away much to soon.
Mom i know how hurt you are each day: and i wish there was someting i could do, to let you know i'm with you everytime you think my name.

I am with you mom
I'm alive within your heart
As you cherish our memories together....
We will never part
Love Brandon