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Helicopter Huge dollars
Feb 11, 2008 13:39 ETBack | Print Article
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Why does Toronto and other area indicate they can't afford a helicopter but durham can.
Perhaps thats why are taxes continue to go sky high. Always more than inflation. I hear this thing twice a week, and sometimes up to 30 minutes. Yet not one report for it being in the area. This after years. And after looking at the report, i think we be better served by have them on the ground. To me this is just another toy for the police which really isn't needed, and a cost that doesn't add up

Helicopters are being recognized as a very effective police tool and are deployed by many major police services in Canada such as Edmonton, Vancouver, Calgary and York Region. Last year, our Air1 responded to 1244 emergency calls for service and were the first police presence on scene 667 times. Of those figures Air1’s crew were directly responsible for the arrest of 80 criminals. These persons would not likely have been arrested otherwise. When Air1 is circling near your home it is responding to a call for service from one of your neighbours. The air crew are aware of the noise signature that the aircraft produces and will clear the scene as soon as the safety of the community and the safety of the responding officers on the ground permits.