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East Division

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2046 Maple Grove Rd,, Bowmanville, ON L1C 6L9  

Inspector Chuck Nash

Inspector Chuck Nash is the senior police leader for the East Division, supported by 104 excellent police officers and civilian staff. East Division is committed to do what is necessary to make Clarington and the Region of Durham the safest community to live, work and play. We are accountable to upholding the values of the Durham Regional Police Service; pride, respect, understanding and ethical behavior while working together.

Durham Regional Police East Division is a mix of rural and urban neighborhoods that extend from the border with the City of Oshawa in the west, the border of Northumberland County to the East and from the north shore of Lake Ontario into, and across, Scugog Township to the north bordering Lake Scugogs south east shoreline, and Kawartha Lakes area to the North East. The area is scenic, with rolling hillsides, farmland and beautiful orchards. Suburban neighborhoods, small towns, hamlets and businesses all spread across this area of Durham Region.

Our primary focus comes from our Police Services business plan objectives. Our Division is focused locally on intelligence-led, community-based policing. We practice directed patrols and focused initiatives. We are focused on crime prevention with equal urgency as on law enforcement. We are a problem-solving organization. We believe in community partnerships and building trust and collegiality with our residents, government and business stakeholders.

East Division goals are clear and straight forward:

*Working with youth to be successful and to be future leaders with whatever they try and achieve

*Ensuring traffic enforcement and education to have the safest roads

*Paying attention to property crime that affects our residents, municipal infrastructure and business community.

*Monitoring and compliance with judicial orders of violent crime and repeat offenders helping people live successfully while in conflict with the law; preventing violent crime reoccurrence.

*Community visibility and accessibility to your Clarington police officers while being in the right place at the right time on the right priorities.

*Utilizing all opportunities to work with our community partners and agencies to better serve our community.

2017 East Division Community Safety Plan