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All events are booked through PC Scott Dargie of the Durham Regional Police. He can be reached at 905-579-1520, ext. 5100.

When contemplating a request for the band, please keep in mind that band members work in emergency services. Their first priority is to support the manpower needs of that service. Members of the band cannot be spared from the front lines, so they often use their days off and vacation time to make themselves available for events. Therefore, it is crucial that the band is booked well in advance of the date of the event.

For summer events, the band prefers to receive requests to play between January and March to assist in the scheduling of their time. Although the group tries to accommodate late requests, it is often not possible to arrange for the band to play on short notice.

To request the band at your charity or community event, please review the following guidelines:
  • A minimum playing area or stage at least 16 ft by 10 ft or a firm surface is requested.
  • A reliable power source. We do not have a generator and cannot supply our own power. At least three heavy-duty extension cords are also required.
  • Bottled water should be supplied for the band members. If food is served at the event, members appreciate a snack.
  • For outdoor events, some form of shelter is expected for extremely hot and sunny days. A canopy or similar provision for shade is therefore requested.
  • In the event that rain moves in, the band will pack up. This is a safety issue as well as an effort to protect the band's equipment.
  • When all preparations are taken into consideration, including set up, take down, equipment pickup, drop off, and travel time, band members spend approximately eight hours preparing and playing a two hour venue. With this in mind, the band's minimum and maximum play time will be two hours unless otherwise agreed upon.
  • Although the band has rarely done so, it retains the right to cancel a performance. Every effort will be made to attend or to provide advanced notice of a cancellation.