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Offender Management Unit

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As leaders in community safety, members of the Durham Regional Police remain committed to preventing criminal activity by monitoring and enforcing conditions for persons on bail, parole, probation or registered with the Sex Offender Registry.

Effective offender management promotes public safety and helps reduce the fear of crime. By utilizing effective and current tracking methods of offenders, our community police offices are notified of offenders in the area and compliance is enhanced through enforcement.

Offender management oversees the administration, monitoring, and enforcement of people released into the Durham Region on bail, or on probation or parole. The Unit notifies the DRP Community Police Offices of those who are on bail in the community to ensure that conditions of release are enforced. Last year the unit managed high-risk offenders on probation, all individuals on the Sex Offender Registry and kept an eye on provincial and federal parolees living in Durham Region.

There are two functions within the Offender Management Unit – High Risk Offendersand Sex Offender Registry.

Please visit the sites below for additional information:

1. Provincial ROPE

2. Ministry of Community Safety and Correctional Services

3. Corrections Canada