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Communications / 911 Unit

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Communications is the lifeline of any police service. Answering 911 calls, dispatching officers to an incident and maintaining ongoing communication once officers have arrived on scene is vital to both public and officer safety.

The Communications/911 Unit is a primary public safety answering point and frontline police emergency dispatch centre, ensuring public safety resources are assigned to an emergency call for that address community safety and officer safety needs.

Please review important information on When to Call 911 and What to Expect When Calling 911. It is important that you know - prior to an emergency - what you will be asked by a 911 operator and why.

The unit utilizes advanced technology within the Service's infrastructure to ensure exceptional service for our community. The purchase, training and implementation (including ongoing software updates) of our new Computer Assisted Dispatch (CAD) and Records Management System (RMS), Versadex, in 2005, has provided Durham with the most current, state of the art equipment.

Provincial Adequacy Standards require extensive training to all new Communicators. All Call-takers, Dispatchers and Supervisors within the unit must have successfully completed the required training. It is vital that we achieve excellence through our recruitment, and training efforts as our members are the backbone to supporting frontline policing. For more information on our hiring criteria please review How we operate.

Inspector Steve Jones leads the unit, which is comprised of an authorized strength of 80 members. He can be reached at 905 579-1520 ext. 6420 or at (For Corporate Communications or media related inquires please contact 905-579-1520 ext 4346.)

The Administrative Sergeant is Melanie Anderson and she can be reached at (905) 579-1520 ext.6489 or by email at

Our Technical Services Manager, Sue Knox, ensures technology, including the 911 system and interoperability demands with our public safety partners, are continually maintained. For further information Sue can be reached at 905 579-1520 ext. 6485 or at

Lisa Nash is our Training Coordinator who ensures all accredited training requirements are maintained. She also facilitates the training program required for new members. For further information regarding hiring, please 905 579-1520 ext. 6488 or or Human Resources at 905 579-1520 ext. 4348.

Communications/911 Unit Platoon Supervisors can be reached at 905 579-1520 ext. 6600 or 6500.