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The DRPS Honour Guard was formed in 1994 and is comprised of 30 members of the Durham Regional Police Service (DRPS). The sworn and civilian members of the Guard volunteer their time at the various functions throughout the year. Guard members serve a minimum of five years. The colours of the DRP Honour Guard are blue, red and silver. The formation of the Guard was authorized by Chief Trevor McCagherty and approved by the Police Services Board.

The mandate of the Guard is to organize and attend all DRPS funerals and represent the organization at all police funerals within the province of Ontario such as the Ontario Police Memorial at Queen’s Park in Toronto and the National Memorial in Ottawa. The Honour Guard assists the Service at award ceremonies and important public events as well as any function as directed by the Chief of Police.

Many of the members of the Guard have been with the unit since its inception in 1994. The Service is well represented with a cross section of the 1,200 members of the DRPS. senior officers, staff sergeants, sergeants, detectives, constables, civilian members and auxiliary officers are represented in the Guard.

Some of the notable events the Guard has attended are the police funerals of:
• Detective Constable William Hancox – Toronto Police
• Constable James C. McFadden – O.P.P. Chatham-Kent
• Sergeant Margaret Eve – O.P.P. Chatham Kent
• Constable Laura Ellis – Toronto Police
• Constable Chris Garrett – Cobourg Police
• Constable John Atkinson – Windsor Police
• Constable Donald Doucet – Sault Ste. Marie Police
• Detective Constable Robert Plunkett – York Regional Police

Members of the Guard have represented the DRPS at funeral services outside the province. Members traveled to Edmonton, Alberta for the memorial service for four RCMP officers and to Laval, Quebec, twice in less than eighteen months, for the funeral services of two Laval police officers.

The Honour Guard attends award ceremonies, retirement dinners, civilian awards, Police Appreciation Night, the Police Disabled Games, graduation ceremonies and a host of events throughout the Region and Ontario every year.

The DRPS Ceremonial Unit is comprised of the DRPS Honour Guard (1994), DRPS Pipes & Drums (1996) and the DRPS Choir (2007).