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Diversity & Inclusivity

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The Diversity & Inclusivity Plan sets the strategic direction for DRPS based on information gathered from focus groups with both DRPS staff and the community, discussions with Senior Management and benchmarking of best practices for diversity in policing and within organizations.

What a police service or workplace that respects, appreciates and values diversity looks like according to the focus group:

  • DRPS is more representative of all the different ethnic backgrounds and diverse groups it serves at all ranks of the organization.
  • DRPS conducts business in a way that respects diversity because we believe in it and not because we want to be trendy and avoid litigation - example and commitment seen from top down, including clear communication to support it.
  • We have confidence, openness, support and education/awareness that allows all staff to effectively provide services to its diverse community - members have strategies, guidelines and training to serve a diverse client base, specifically with regard to sexual orientation and different cultures.
  • We notice a difference in visibility - we are active in the schools and with the children of our region; community groups are partnering with us; we are proactive in addressing issues to diversity and more in tune with the media, i.e. on racial profiling.

    The general structure of the Diversity & Inclusivity Plan includes goals, objectives, action plans and performance measures:

    2017-2019 Diversity Strategic Plan

    2005-2010 Diversity Strategic Plan.