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The Durham Regional Police Service recognizes that domestic violence is a crime that requires additional attention and support. In conjunction with direction from the Ministry of Community Safety and Correctional Services and Durham Regional Police directives, all police officers in Durham responding to any incident of domestic violence are instructed to complete a report.

Reporting an Occurrence:

  • If you need to report a crime or a complaint that is domestic related, please contact police at 905-579-
    1520. For emergencies, please dial 911.

    What is Domestic Violence?
  • Domestic violence includes the use or threat of physical or sexual force, including emotional, or psychological abuse, or harassing/threatening behaviour directed between partners with whom there is (or has been) an intimate relationship.

    What is an intimate relationship?
  • Intimate relationships include those between the opposite sex and same sex partners. These relationships vary in duration and legal formality and include current and former dating, common law and married couples.

    What happens if the police are called?
  • Police may be involved in the following manner:
    *A non-emergency report filed in person or by phone o A witness I bystander may also call the police
  • Initial response:
    *When police attend the scene, they will conduct a thorough investigation and a report will be submitted
    *If the officer has reasonable grounds to believe that an offence has occurred, the officer shall lay a charge or charges
    *lf the suspect is not present, attempts will be made to locate and arrest the accused
    *If the accused cannot be found, an arrest warrant will be obtained. The victim will be
    advised once the suspect has been arrested.

    It is police who lay charges not the victims of the domestic violence.

    For any domestic related questions please contact the Supervisor in your area by calling the following extension 1-888-579-1520:

    North Division x 2678
    East Division x 1687
    Central East Division x 1734
    Central West Division x 1843
    West Division x 2521

    For services and referrals, see our Victim Services Unit.

    For support, please refer to the Intimate Partner Violence Pamphlet for a list of agencies in Region.