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Durham Regional Police Services Board

Making a Deputation

The guidelines for making a deputation can be found in Section 13.1 of the Board's Governance By-Law (04-2004).

  • provide written notice outlining the deputation to the Police Services Board at least seven (7) business days prior to the commencement of the meeting;
  • all deputants at the meeting shall only be heard upon the consent of the Board.
  • limit your presentation to a maximum of five (5) minutes for speaking at the Board, unless approval to extend the speaking time is obtained from the Chair.
  • If there is a group of people wishing to address the Board with respect to a particular position on a particular issue, then the Board may determine that the group shall be represented by one person or that the time limit shall be other than as stated above.

Contact Information

Mailing Address:
605 Rossland Rd. E. Box 911
Whitby, ON
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