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Safety Tips

Preventing crime and maintaining safe communities is everyone's responsibility. By practising the following personal and property safety tips, you can help reduce the incidents of crime and keep your community safe.


Tips for New Drivers

After the age of 16, teenagers in Ontario are eligible to write their first driving test and obtain their G1 class licence. A G1 is a driving permit that allows teens to drive with someone who has been fully licenced for more than four years. After having a G1 licence for a year, a driver is eligible to take their G2 test, which allows a year of driving without supervision, but has several minor restrictions.

Driving on your own for the first time can be a challenging experience. Whether you’ve learned from a parent or a driving school instructor, it is important to develop good driving habits and an eye for accident prevention. Here are some tips to keep young drivers safe on the roads:

▪ Practice, practice, practice! The more you drive, the better you become at maneuvering the vehicle and obeying the rules of the road

▪ At first, stick to driving in areas you are familiar with. Then, venture to new areas when you feel more confident about driving alone

▪ Do not text, talk or play with your cellphone while driving. You can be pulled over and issued a ticket up to $500

▪ Do not pack your car full of people. Stick to one or two friends who you trust and who won’t distract you from driving

▪ Turn down the music. Enjoying a great song while driving is perfectly acceptable, but listening to it too loud or singing along can distract you from the road

▪ Always check your mirrors, turning signal and blind spots before switching lanes

▪ Pay attention to what’s happening on the road by observing the cars in front of you and checking your mirrors on a constant basis

▪ Slow down! Getting a speeding ticket can damage your driving record, increase your insurance premium and cause an accident. Leave plenty of time to get to your destination so you aren’t rushed

▪ Always drive with two hands on the wheel that you have full control of the vehicle

▪ Whether you own your own car or drive your parent’s car, make sure to always have insurance on the vehicle

▪ Be confident, make decisions and don’t hesitate

▪ DO NOT DRINK AND DRIVE! Drinking underage is illegal and so is driving under the influence. Be safe and smart and never get behind the wheel if you’ve been drinking or get a ride from someone who has not been drinking