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Safety Tips

Preventing crime and maintaining safe communities is everyone's responsibility. By practising the following personal and property safety tips, you can help reduce the incidents of crime and keep your community safe.


Annoying Driving Habits

Please view our new video Collision Course: Durham’s Top 10 Dangerous Driving Behaviours

If you are annoyed by a driver or have annoyed another driver, avoid confrontation. Never pull off the road-way. Safely put as much distance between you and the other driver as possible and avoid making eye contact.

The following actions commonly provoke drivers:
  1. Being cut off by another vehicle
  2. Being tailgated
  3. Not using signals for turns or lane changes
  4. Occupying the passing lane (left lane) when driving slowly
  5. Stopping in a lane to pick up or drop off passengers
  6. Using high beam headlights improperly
  7. Weaving in and out of traffic

  • Most accidents occur between the hours of 11 a.m. and 8 p.m. Be extra cautious during these times.

    Citizens can report aggressive drivers to the police through the Road Watch program. For more information, click here.