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Safety Tips

Preventing crime and maintaining safe communities is everyone's responsibility. By practising the following personal and property safety tips, you can help reduce the incidents of crime and keep your community safe.


What Parents Should Know

  • Be wary of the friend or neighbour who seems to take a special interest in your child. You have a right to question the motives of an adult wanting to spend a lot of time with a child.
  • Keep in mind when talking to your children about strangers that your definition of a ‘stranger’ is different from a child’s. You may consider a neighbour, security guard, police officer, employee from the arcade or the library to be a ‘stranger’ but chances are, your child doesn’t.
  • The gift lure of candy (for children) and beer, drugs, a job or money (for teenagers) is common amongst abductors. Children must be taught that adults do not normally hand out gifts or money to people. Check out any offers of casual employment received by your teenager.

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