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May 01, 2003 13:03 ET

Construction Begins on New Whitby Police Facility

A new police facility in Whitby took a giant step forward today as local dignitaries broke ground for the $6.7 million structure. Police Services Board Chair Bob Boychyn and Police Chief Kevin McAl......

Apr 25, 2003 05:26 ET

Volunteers Feted for Their Efforts

The 76 men, women and teenagers who volunteer to help Durham Regional Police received a round of applause Wednesday evening at the 2002 Annual Volunteer Appreciation Awards. Chief Kevin McAlpine, s......

Apr 22, 2003 14:38 ET

New Police Facility in Ajax Opens

With the snip of police tape, the new North Ajax Community Policing Centre was officially opened April 22 at the McLean Community Centre. The new facility will enable police to interact more closel......

Mar 17, 2003 11:51 ET

Thin Ice and Slippery Banks a Danger to Residents

The Durham Regional Police Service would like to advise residents to be cautious of thin ice, open water and slippery river banks throughout the region as warm temperatures thaw winter’s ice and snow.......

Feb 14, 2003 10:08 ET

A New Whitby Community Police Office

The citizens of Whitby will be getting a new Community Police Office next Spring as Regional Council approved the $12.1 million tender February 12th. The 38,133 gross sq. ft. station will be locat......

Jan 31, 2003 11:30 ET

Air-1 Delivers on Crime Prevention and Safety

The Durham Regional Police’s helicopter, Air-1, has proven once again to be a valuable tool in our arsenal. The helicopter was called out 812 times during the past year and arrived first on scene ......

Jan 24, 2003 12:48 ET

Bitter Cold Doesn’t Dampen Speeders

The bitter cold snap engulfing southern Ontario doesn’t appear to be slowing down aggressive motorists in Durham Region. Members of the Durham Regional Police Traffic Services Branch and frontline ......

Jan 08, 2003 11:03 ET

Douglass returns to North Durham as Inspector

After only eight months in Oshawa as Duty Inspector, Inspector Jim Douglass has happily returned to North Durham as the head of the North Durham Community Police Office. Inspector Douglass will be re......

Jan 06, 2003 07:12 ET

Deputy Chiefs Switch Jobs

As originally announced in 2001, the two Deputy Chiefs of the Durham Regional Police are changing portfolios. Rod Piukkala will now serve as the Deputy Chief of Administration and Chuck Mercier wil......

Dec 10, 2002 07:13 ET

Fingerprinting Goes Hi Tech

Police services across Canada now have a new tool that will dramatically improve their ability to collect, analyze and share fingerprint information. The LiveScan system, currently being rolled out......

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