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  Report Dangerous Drivers - the Road Watch Program in Oshawa

Aug 07, 2002 09:31 ET

Designed to improve road safety, the Road Watch Program gives residents an opportunity to participate in identifying and reporting dangerous and aggressive driving.

Use the Road Watch Citizen Report Form when you observe an act of dangerous or aggressive driving. Print a copy of the PDF document and record as much information as you can about the situation that you witnessed, even if you are unable to record the license plate number. Confidential drop box locations are listed on the form. Additional Citizen Report Forms can be picked up at any of the drop box sites.

Aggressive driving may include:

  • Excessive speeding
  • Tailgating
  • Failure to stop
  • Any unsafe driving behaviour that puts others at high risk of collision or injury.
For more information on the program, contact Constable Shaun Arnott at (905) 579-1520, ext. 1735.

History of Road Watch
In 1993, in Caledon, Ontario, eight young people lost their lives in a senseless crash on Mother's Day. A few months later, six more lives were lost, devastating the Caledon community.

In 1995, Road Watch was conceived. For the first time, Caledon citizens, supported by the local police, could report in a non-threatening way any driver who displayed aggressive or risk-taking behaviour. The results speak for themselves - In the year 2000 the safest community with zero car crashes was Caledon, Ontario.

In 1998, 29 people were fatally injured in collisions on Durham roads. 19 of those people were killed as a result of speed, dangerous driving or impaired driving.

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