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  Mental Health General Information

Feb 09, 2009 14:30 ET

For more information on disorders and what mental illness is, please see list below.

Below are attached files.
Bipolar Disorder An Information Guide (PDF file, 248.3K bytes)
Bipolar Disorder, Mental Health Fact Sheet (PDF file, 613.3K bytes)
Depression and Bipolar Disorder (PDF file, 98.5K bytes)
Depression in the Workplace (PDF file, 78.0K bytes)
Depression Mental Health Fact Sheet (PDF file, 615.0K bytes)
Depressive Illness An Information Guide (PDF file, 264.4K bytes)
Early Psychosis Intervention (PDF file, 66.2K bytes)
Eating Disorders (PDF file, 80.5K bytes)
Getting Help When and How (PDF file, 88.9K bytes)
Mental Illness in the Family (PDF file, 94.8K bytes)
Mental Illnesses (PDF file, 92.1K bytes)
Obsessive Compulsive Disorder An Information Guide (PDF file, 352.3K bytes)
Obsessive Compulsive Disorders (PDF file, 106.9K bytes)
Phobias and Panic Disorders (PDF file, 103.8K bytes)
Post Partum Depression (PDF file, 78.9K bytes)
Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PDF file, 80.1K bytes)
Schizophrenia (PDF file, 109.4K bytes)
Schizophrenia An Information Guide (PDF file, 263.5K bytes)
Seasonal Affective Disorder (PDF file, 88.5K bytes)
Stigma Understanding the Impact of Prejudice and Discriminat (PDF file, 240.4K bytes)
The Myths of Mental Illness (PDF file, 22.2K bytes)
Understanding Anxiety Disorders (PDF file, 116.4K bytes)
Violence and Mental Illness (PDF file, 14.0K bytes)
What is Psychosis (PDF file, 66.3K bytes)