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  Neighbourhood Watch: Instructions for Block Captains

Jul 14, 2009 09:09 ET

1. Visit the homes to introduce yourself as their Block Captain and tell them about the program, leaving them with information about the program and your contact information.

2. Invite them to sign the petition. Let them know that by doing so, they are making a commitment to:
• Be the kind of neighbour who looks out for others
• Be an active participant in the Neighbourhood Watch
• Learn everything they can about crime prevention
• Make a voluntary $5 (per household) contribution to cover the cost of c signs, printing, etc.
• Have at least one adult from the household attend one of the advertised meetings and notify you which one they attended for Watch endorsement records. (These will provide excellent opportunities to get the training they need to be effective Watch Members)
• Build a rapport with you, their Block Captain, and establish trust that you will not misuse their information.

3. Once 75% (or more) sign the petition, communicate this to your Watch Chair. You must have at least 75% of the community sign the petition in order for your Watch to be endorsed.

4. Attend the Block Captain Team Status Meeting to report on your progress – date, time and location will be announced by your Chairperson.

5. Do not hesitate to contact your Watch Chair for assistance with your canvassing. You can also contact your local Councillor, Sue Pitchforth, at (905) 655-7580 or, as she has promised to help out as needed.

6. Distribute meeting notification flyers to all homes in your area two weeks and then three to four days in advance of the Crime Prevention Training Meetings (these will be provided to you by your Watch Chair).

7. Work out a schedule with your Watch Chair and other Block Captains to have at least one Block Captain/Core Team Member at each Crime Prevention Training Meeting to welcome and record the presence of your Watch members. Arrive at the venue on the day of the meeting shortly after 6 p.m. to assist with set-up and sign-in. Bring a cell phone and your lists with you so you can contact anyone who may be running late and track attendance.

8. Follow up with all members on your block, by giving congratulations letters, window stickers, etc., upon successful endorsement of your Watch.

9. On an ongoing basis, welcome new neighbours, telling them about the program and providing them with the information (program and contact) they need. Also, be the main channel of communication between your neighbours and the Watch program. Ensure information is communicated effectively, professionally and in a timely manner, whether by e-mail, phone, newsletter or in person.

10. Participate in any annual or semi-annual meetings of Block Captains to keep communication alive and your Watch current.