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  Neighbourhood Watch: Homeowner Responsibilities

Jul 14, 2009 09:24 ET

1. BE A GOOD NEIGHBOUR and get to know the outdoor living habits of neighbours that surround you. For example:

• Does the spouse work outside the home?
• How many children are in the household and how old are they?
• What cars belong to your neighbours?
• Tell your neighbours when you will be away on weekends and holidays.
• When they are away, pick up their mail, handouts and flyers.
• Leave your spare car in their driveway to make their house look lived in.

With this type of information, you will be better equipped to evaluate and suspicious activity.

If you are suspicious, CALL THE POLICE.
Be a good neighbour and GET INVOLVED.

2. COMMUNICATIONS between the Neighbourhood Watch and the police will help you better protect yourself in the event crime strikes your area. Your duty as a victim is to report all crime immediately to the police, then to your Block Captain at a convenient hour. Your Block Captain will turn this information over to the chairperson, who will call DRPS to confirm details of the crime. Your Neighbourhood Watch Co-ordinator will then provide helpful information to the chairperson, such as:

• What time the crime occurred
• How entry was gained (in the case of B&E)
• What was stolen
• Description of suspects
• In the case of similar acts, crime prevention tips would be recommended

If the crime is of a minor nature or an isolated incident, the chairperson may only keep a record until similar acts occur, but in the case of crime trends or crime of a major nature, you can expect to be notified a.s.a.p. The chairperson will telephone all Block Captains and they will inform the homeowners they represent, hopefully the same day.

In the case of a communications breakdown, such as a homeowner failing to call their Captain, all is not lost. The Neighbourhood Watch Co-ordinator will call the chairperson directly. Unfortunately, this system may take several days.

3. INCREASE THE SECURITY AT YOUR HOME. Follow the DRPS guidelines to improve your home security. It is a proven fact that if you remove opportunities from the criminals, you stand a much better chance of not becoming a victim yourself.