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  What Do Children Need to Know?

Jul 15, 2009 13:21 ET

▪ Their name, full address and telephone number

▪ How to use the telephone to call for help

▪ How to reach the telephone operator, no money needed

▪ Where to reach parents or guardians at all times

▪ To tell service representatives or sales-people to come back later and not to accept strangers into the home

▪ Never go with a stranger either by car or by foot

▪ That strangers come in all sizes, ages, nationalities and can be male or female, young or old

▪ To take the same route to and from school everyday

▪ That they can talk to you at anytime, about anything that bothers them no matter what

▪ Not to accept food or gifts from anyone without parental permission

▪ Not to go near nor enter a stranger’s vehicle

▪ It is okay to say NO to an adult

▪ That no one has the right to touch their body where a bathing suit usually covers

▪ If you live in an apartment, that stairwells are not play areas.

▪ If uncomfortable when getting on or off an elevator because of someone they don’t trust, tell them to wait for another elevator or contact someone they trust, ie. neighbour or superintendent

▪ Never tease or feed a strange animal

▪ That the police are their friend and can always help

▪ If they are being followed, that they should run home, back to school or to a place where there are other people and yell for help.

▪ Never to take short-cuts through fields or ravines

▪ That if they are separated from you while shopping to go to the nearest cashier or clerk and tell them

▪ That it is okay to yell, kick, scream and bite if someone tries to grab them or abduct them