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  Things Parents Should Do

Jul 15, 2009 13:22 ET

▪ If you have a solid door at the front of your house, install two peepholes; one for adults and one for children

▪ Take your children for a walk in your neighbourhood and show them the danger areas and safe places.

▪ Have deliveries scheduled for a time you’ll be home

▪ Don’t leave notes on your doors

▪ Children’s names on toys, bikes, clothing should be avoided

▪ Family name displayed on your front lawn will assist a criminal in locating your phone number and talking to your children on the street

▪ Check babysitters and know them well. Let your babysitter know whom they can turn to in an emergency

▪ Accompany your child on Halloween, paper route, door to door sales and fundraising

▪ Know your children’s playmates and where they live

▪ Keep an up-to-date photograph of your child

▪ Know what your child is wearing daily

▪ Keep accurate medical and dental records

▪ Communicate with your child’s teacher. Let the school know when your child is absent and when he/she will be returning

▪ Let the school know to whom your child may be released

▪ Give them an up-to-date list of contact numbers

▪ Contact police anytime you see something or someone suspicious

▪ Note vehicle and license plates, description of vehicle and description of occupant(s)

▪ Don’t leave children under 12 years of age alone at home

▪ House parties should only occur when parents are home. Parents should know who is in their home and teens should not be allowed in and out of the house at will. (Alcohol and drugs can be hidden in cars, bushes, etc. and can be easily accessible.)

▪ Never leave a child alone in the car and never leave keys in the ignition.

▪ Don’t hide keys under maps, in mailboxes or flower pots

▪ Accompany your child to public restrooms

▪ Assure your children that they are loved and wanted. Most abductions are parental. The abducting parent will often say that the other parent died or went away.

▪ Keep a copy of a custody order and photograph of non-custodial parent with daycare or school and ensure child release only to custodial parent