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  DRP Officers Keeping Local Parks Safe

May 06, 2010 12:41 ET

Officers from 18 Division launched Project TAGG (Tresspassing, Alcohol, Gangs, & Graffiti) in June aimed at reducing the number of complaints regarding the activities taking place after dark in local parks and green spaces.

The officers use bikes to patrol areas not normally accessible by cruisers. “The goal of this initiative is to keep our green spaces safe and secure for all members of our community to enjoy,” said Sgt. Mark Morissette of 18 Division (Whitby) Community Resource Unit.
One of the reasons for the project’s success is the fact the offenders can’t tell who is approaching until the police are in front of them. Once the officers are on scene there is little time for people to react. The program is in its fourth year and has been very successful in reducing unlawful activity in Whitby’s parks.

To report problem areas within Whitby’s parks or green spaces you can email the TAGG unit at The TAGG Initiative will run until October.