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  Thickson Road Traffic Blitz

May 06, 2010 12:42 ET

A recent Traffic Blitz of Thickson Rd north in Brooklin was conducted Thursday May 21 by members of 18 Division (Whitby), Traffic Service Branch and MTO.

The Blitz netted 117 charges along with 14 commercial vehicles being inspected by the MTO.

Seven commercial vehicles were taken out of service which resulted in 30 charges being laid regarding those said vehicles..

Thickson Rd was enforced from Taunton Rd to Hwy #12 resulting in:

71 speeding offences
10 CAI offences
6 other POA charges
1 Suspension notice
25 related cautions
10 Streetchecks
(30 Commercial vehicle related charges)

The officers worked very diligently throughout the day in order to achieve the above results. I thank them along with our friends from the MTO for their hard work and professionalism today. Together we made Thickson Rd a little more safe and brought a great deal of awareness to the residents of the area. I truly appreciated the efforts of you all.