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  Frontline Officers - Tools of the Trade

May 06, 2010 12:43 ET

- Frontline Uniform Officers are an important resource in police today and they rely heavily on technology to get the job done. The Durham Regional Police Service is no exception - Our frontline officers employ the latest computer and electronic technology to assist them while on patrol.

- Laptop computer terminals are installed in all frontline cruisers, enabling officers to communicate with central dispatch and to record activities. The computer terminals also allow access to important information such as the Canadian Police Information Center (CPIC) database, a nation-wide data bank that is accessed and updated by all authorized police agencies in Canada.

- The most important piece of equipment carried by officers is the two-way radio, which may include a mike that allows them to communicate directly with dispatch officials and with each other.

- Each officer carries a variety of tools designed for his or her protection and the protection of the general public. Our standard police handgun is the Glock .40 cal semi-automatic pistol. The Police Services Act provides the authority for this tool and it is carried in a secure holster for controlled release and safety, preventing anyone from ripping it away.

- Other tools on an officer’s duty belt include a retractable steel baton, a can of pepper spray, a set of handcuffs, a flashlight and a medical package including a pair of rubber gloves and mask.

- Each Officer wears a bulletproof vest, which may be visible on the outside of the uniform shirt. Identifiers such as a badge and cap featuring the official DRPS logo ensure the public that members are legitimate, sworn police officers. Each officer is issued a badge, a warrant card and an identification card with their badge number on it, which they carry with them for the duration of their careers.

- The DRPS uses two kinds of specially equipped police cruisers – a General Motors Chevrolet Impala and a Ford Crown Victoria Police Interceptor.

- There is a team of civilian members who support the work of frontline officers by answering calls and dispatching officers using the Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) technology. Civilians perform other functions, including the filing of reports using a Records Management System (RMS) and providing administrative and technical support to frontline policing activities.