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May 20, 2010 13:26 ET

The Mental Health Unit falls under the Crime Administration Branch. In 2007, The Crime Administration Branch underwent significant restructuring to align like units both administratively and operationally. Resulting from this exercise is the creation of a Vulnerable Persons Unit (VPU), which is under the direction of a Detective Sergeant. The Same Detective Sergeant directs the Offender Management Unit. The VPU presently has a number of sub-units which include: the Victim Services Unit, Domestic Violence Coordinator, the Domestic Violence Bail Unit, The Senior Support Coordinator and the Mental Health Support Unit (MHSU). The Offender Management Unit also has sub-units: Sex offender Registry (SOR), Youth Criminal Justice Act (YCJA), Threat Assessment, Polygraph and Warrant Liaison. Please view our organizational chart to access our other units.

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