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  Local Mental Health and Counselling Resources

May 20, 2010 13:40 ET

For more information on local mental health and counselling resources, pleas see list below.

Below are attached files.
ACTT Referral Form (PDF file, 180.0K bytes)
CDE Sheltered Workshop (PDF file, 107.2K bytes)
Centre Street Clinic General Overview (PDF file, 103.8K bytes)
Centre Street Clinic Group Descriptions (PDF file, 118.7K bytes)
CMHA Durham Overview of All Programs (PDF file, 345.9K bytes)
COPE Mental Health General Overview (PDF file, 235.0K bytes)
COPE Mental Health Program Overview (PDF file, 66.7K bytes)
COPE Mental Health Volunteer Support (PDF file, 48.2K bytes)
Introduction to Therapeutic Groups (PDF file, 109.1K bytes)
John Howard Society Counselling Services (PDF file, 137.1K bytes)
LHO Interact Therapeutic Groups (PDF file, 150.6K bytes)
RHVS Day Treatment Programs (PDF file, 101.7K bytes)
RHVS Grief Support Group (PDF file, 120.0K bytes)
RHVS Patient Information Guide (PDF file, 144.1K bytes)
RHVS Psychosocial Rehabilitation Group (PDF file, 103.6K bytes)
RHVS Assertive Community Treatment Team (PDF file, 249.9K bytes)
RHVS Day Hospital Program (PDF file, 107.8K bytes)
RVHS Outpatient Mental Health Program (PDF file, 110.6K bytes)
RVHS Relaxation Training Group (PDF file, 102.3K bytes)