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  Local Employment Resources

May 20, 2010 14:02 ET

For more information on local employment resources, please see list below.

Below are attached files.
CMHA Durham Vocational Rehabilitation Program (PDF file, 322.3K bytes)
Durham 4 Season Employment (PDF file, 206.0K bytes)
Free Internet Access Program (PDF file, 207.5K bytes)
Government of Canada Job Finding Club (PDF file, 246.4K bytes)
John Howard Society Job Connect Employment Services (PDF file, 222.8K bytes)
META Vocational Services Job Finding Club (PDF file, 86.4K bytes)
META Vocational Growth Opportunities Program (PDF file, 95.1K bytes)
Northern Lights Vocational Services (PDF file, 284.3K bytes)
Northern Lights Work Links for Women (PDF file, 178.1K bytes)
Ontario Disability Support Program Employment Supports (PDF file, 251.3K bytes)
Ontario Disability Support Program Income Support (PDF file, 267.3K bytes)
Ontario Works Workability Coaching Series (PDF file, 140.6K bytes)
Vocational Pathways Job Strategies for Youth  (PDF file, 373.8K bytes)