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  Local Addiction Resources

May 20, 2010 14:22 ET

For more information on local addiction resources, please see list below.

Below are attached files.
An Overview of Local Addication Services (PDF file, 225.9K bytes)
Back On Track Program (PDF file, 220.4K bytes)
Rainbow Addiction Services (PDF file, 357.0K bytes)
Destiny Manor Addiction Treatment Services for Women (PDF file, 135.1K bytes)
Drug and Alcohol Treatment Infroline (PDF file, 142.6K bytes)
12 Step Programs (PDF file, 11.4K bytes)
John Howard Society Harm Reducation Services (PDF file, 52.1K bytes)
John Howard Society Needle Exchange Program (PDF file, 208.6K bytes)
Ontario Problem Gambling Helpline (PDF file, 175.6K bytes)
Partners in Addiction Services (PDF file, 301.7K bytes)
Pinewood Centre General Services (PDF file, 174.4K bytes)
Pinewood Centre Programs for Children (PDF file, 171.8K bytes)
Pinewood Centre Programs for Pregnant Women (PDF file, 145.0K bytes)
Programs and Resources to Quit Smoking (PDF file, 252.9K bytes)
RVH Addiction and Mental Health Support Group (PDF file, 104.3K bytes)
What to Expect When Quiting Smoking (PDF file, 346.5K bytes)
Withdrawal Management Centres aka Detox (PDF file, 55.8K bytes)
YMCA Gambling Project (PDF file, 288.1K bytes)