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  Youth in Policing

May 20, 2010 15:21 ET

Youth in Policing
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What is the Youth in Policing Program?
• The Youth in Policing Program was established in 2006 and funded in part by the
Ministry of Children and Youth Services
• The goal of the Durham Regional Police Youth in Police initiative, as directed
by the Ministry, is to provide an educational summer working experience for
students across the Region
• Over the course of eight weeks, the selected students participate in educational and
community activities relating to policing and community leadership with the goal
of demonstrating that the police service is crucial community partner and that the
youth are crucial to our community’s success

Who is eligible to apply for the youth in Policing Program?
• This program is open to all students between the ages of 14 and 17 that reside in the
Durham Region

How do students apply for the Youth in Policing Program?
• Application forms for the program are posted on the Durham Regional Police
website (
• Students can download and complete the form, attach a cover letter and resume and
mail their package to the Durham Regional Police Service (the address will be
included on the application form)

What are some Highlights of the Youth in Policing Program?
• Insight into policing as a career: demonstrations from units including Canine,
Robbery, Fraud, Homicide, Surveillance and the Tactical unit.
• Character development
• Certified Diversity Training from Harmony Movement Program
• Youth mentoring
• CPR training and certification
• Fundraising and delivering of school backpacks to underprivileged children at local
elementary school
• Community service
• Healthy eating & fitness challenge
• Goal setting & skill development

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