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  Diversity Advisory Committee of Durham Regional Police Service

Jul 25, 2012 12:28 ET

On April 30/03 the Diversity Advisory Committee was formed between the Durham Regional Police Service and members of the Region of Durham Community under the auspices of former Deputy Chief of Police Rod Puikkala, and then Chief of Police Mr. Kevin McAlpine. Those community members present at the ceremony representing DRPS include: Deputy Chief Rod Puikkala, Inspector Sherry Whiteway, Inspector Bill Temple, Sergeant Mike Chesson, Constable Leon Presner, Dave Selby, and representing the Community were: Sarah McDonald, Fred Gibson, Roland Rutland Mobeen Khaja, Paul Pakyam, Muttukumaru Chandrakumarar and Richard Davidson.

The Durham Regional Police Service Diversity Advisory Committee was established in order to deal with issues that impact our diverse community. The appointed citizens to the committee sit as a consultative and advisory body to the Office of the Chief of Police.

The Diversity Advisory Committee is committed to the principles articulated in the DRPS Vision, Mission and Values statement and Federal and Provincial legislative responses such as: Ontario P.S.A., Ontario Human Rights Act and Human Rights Canada.

The Diversity Advisory Committee commits to the following:

• The Diversity Advisory Committee’s primary role is to provide relevant and timely advice to the Durham Regional Police Service on issues related to diversity
• The secondary role of the Diversity Advisory Committee is to act as a catalyst for change and perform the role of an informed resource on diversity
• The Diversity Advisory Committee recognizes that rapid social change in the external environment creates challenges that may affect the internal police organization and the ability to respond equitably and fairly
• Provide visibility to the community of the work that is being done by the DRPS

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